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Echiquier ARTY In The Spotlight

Monday 08 Feb 2016

Four questions to Olivier de Berranger, fund manager of Echiquier ARTY

Echiquier Entrepreneurs In The Spotlight

Tuesday 15 Dec 2015

Three questions to José Berros Three questions to José Berros, fund manager of Echiquier Entrepreneurs   

Fund spotlight on convertibles funds

Tuesday 24 Nov 2015

Three questions to Guillaume Jourdan Three questions to Guillaume Jourdan, fund manager of Echiquier Convertibles Europe and Echiquier Global Convertibles

Fund spotlight on Echiquier Major

Monday 12 Oct 2015

Three questions to Jean-Charles Belvo, fund manager of Echiquier Major

Fund spotlight on Echiquier Agenor

Tuesday 15 Sep 2015

Fund spotlight on Echiquier Agenor Three questions to Stéphanie Bobtcheff, fund manager of Echiquier Agenor

Fund spotlight on Echiquier Agressor

Friday 10 Jul 2015

Fund spotlignht on Echiquier Agressor Three questions to Damien Lanternier, fund manager of Echiquier Agressor  

Fund spotlight on Echiquier Patrimoine

Monday 15 Jun 2015

Fund spotlignht on Echiquier Patrimoine Three questions to Jean Biscarrat, fund manager of Echiquier Patrimoine

Fund spotlight on Echiquier Global

Friday 15 May 2015

Three questions to David Ross  Fund manager of Echiquier Global

Investment Strategy 2014

Thursday 13 Feb 2014

2013, a last look back Only emerging markets were lagging in 2013, whereas the US and European markets ended the […]

Fund spotlight on Echiquier Major

Tuesday 15 Oct 2013

Interview of Echiquier Major’s Manager