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Progress with no regrets!

Wednesday 07 Jun 2017

While we don’t even use it yet, it has doubled in value since the beginning of the year and its […]

You bet?

Tuesday 09 May 2017

You bet?   Bets placed at Long Bets, a site created in 1996 by Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder and CEO, […]

No politics please!

Monday 10 Apr 2017

No politics please! On 21 November 1620, a few days before stepping on American soil for the first time, the […]

The hesitation waltz

Monday 06 Mar 2017

In the weeks leading up Donald Trump’s election, traders had their eyes glued to the Mexican peso whose value lost […]

20,000 points

Monday 06 Feb 2017

20,000 points   Trump the candidate did not like bankers or financial markets. In his view, the rise of stock […]

The Spirit of the Laws

Tuesday 10 Jan 2017

The Spirit of the Laws The new year inaugurates the period of good resolutions, an opportunity to put into practice […]

Dear America

Friday 09 Dec 2016

Dear America With the clouds of confetti of Donald Trump supporters having just barely settled, US financial markets have surged, […]

Beware of routines…

Tuesday 08 Nov 2016

Investor appetite for bonds is not waning and the volumes of recent debt offerings remains impressive. A few days ago, […]

Golden Bridges

Wednesday 12 Oct 2016

Opponents of Keynesian policies for supporting the economy love to vilify costly useless projects, bridges to nowhere. If French, they […]

A summer tale

Friday 09 Sep 2016

“You are acquainted with the thinness of the partitions which separate the little apartments, the ‘cabinets particuliers’ in the most […]