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After the crisis, the debt

Wednesday 09 May 2018

US$164 trillion: that is the new record reached at the end of 2016 in global public and private sector debt […]

Retirement: Have you given it a thought?

Wednesday 11 Apr 2018

Retirement: Have you given it a thought?  A version of this slogan was aired on TV ads by La Financière […]

Back to the future?

Tuesday 06 Mar 2018

Back to the future? “The economy always gets its revenge in the end” Raymond Barre, the former French Prime Minister, […]

We people1

Tuesday 06 Feb 2018

We people1   Imagining what life will be like in 20 years in the midst of a digital revolution is […]

Positive thinking

Thursday 18 Jan 2018

The winter storm Carmen inaugurated a series of anxiety-causing events that may be expected to set the prevailing tone throughout […]

Beyond imagination

Wednesday 06 Dec 2017

Beyond imagination Will machines one day be able to imitate human conversation? The answer to this question, formulated 60 years […]

A tax named desire

Wednesday 08 Nov 2017

A tax named desire    And yes, taxes can also be a cause for celebration in France! Just this once […]

Breaking the addiction

Monday 16 Oct 2017

Breaking the addiction «The financial crisis is spreading to the real economy, asset prices are rock bottom, psychologies are extremely […]

Has football gone crazy?

Tuesday 05 Sep 2017

Has football gone crazy? The relative calm prevailing in financial markets in recent weeks gave many an opportunity to turn […]

O tempora, o mores1

Wednesday 12 Jul 2017

O tempora, o mores1 In the spring of 2007, New Century Financial Corp., a major US subprime mortgage lender, announced […]

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